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I started in radio at WENY back in 1981 just outta high school.  I then went on the WELM/94 ROCK for a few years and learned radio through Street Stryer.  The late 80's found me in Watkins Glen in the studios of WNGZ.. WINGZ 105 driving the WINGZ Corvette.  After Tom and Marion sold it, I went on a few year radio hiatus to Texas to work in food management... I then came back back to Upstate Ny .. and back to WNGZ 105 mornings.  I then got the call from Dom Malone who was on the Met to come do mornins... and 15 years later I am still here doing mornings.

Weekdays 10am - 1pm

Kevin Fitzgerald

Weekdays 1-4pm

Thunder Reynolds

What's the best thing about the area?
That it's cheap and we have pro hockey?  thats good, right?
We know you can eat, so what's your favorite food?
Spaghetti at the Toys for Tots Dinner... never too early to start planning for next year!
What was or is your favorite song?
Isn't that a little personal for the web for all to see?
Who was or is your favorite Artist or Group?
Do I have to pick a favorite?  pleads the fifth!
And your favorite concert or performance was what?
Wouldn't you like to know... I'll say it was at the Arena.
What was your Best Radio Moment?
Watching Justin walk into a glass door would probably be high up on the list.
Before 95 The Met you were?
Was a DJ somewhere else, but you probably already knew that...
If not in radio, you'd be what/who?
A beer guzzling hockey fan, or is that a side gig?

Weekdays 4pm - 7pm

Brother Dave

Weekdays 7pm - 9pm

Dave Pal

Dave is the afternoon drive DJ on 95TheMet, and is entering his 30th year in broadcasting. Highlights include broadcasts from Hawaii for the movie premiere of "Pearl Harbor", to flying with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

When off-air, Dave performs as John Lennon with the nationally touring Beatles tribute band "Beatlemania Again", and solo tribute show "The Lennon Legacy". He most recently returned from a tour of Japan, Korea, and China, and appearances as Lennon at Yoko Ono's "Imagine Peace" exhibit at Bucknell University, and the "John Lennon - The NYC Years" exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in New York City.

Weekdays 9pm - Midnight

John Fanning

Hi I'm John Fanning. Music lover, Musician, and DJ on 95 The Met.

It all started July 28, 1981 the day I was born. A life of promise and success with the world at my fingertips, or at least a career working for IBM. On August 1, 1981, MTV was born and changed my life forever. I spent my childhood watching MTV, mimicking the Clash and Billy Idol. I found my true love and it was music. I spent my teen years and 20's in different local original bands, playing dingy basements and bars throughout Broome County and New York State. I also worked in restaurants, where I was often told, "you have a voice for radio." 

In College, I studied music and majored in Audio Engineering. With a little help from a good friend, I landed my first and only radio gig working for Equinox Broadcasting. Working with music and being able to talk about my passion on a daily basis is amazing. I love the connections I make with our listeners, and hope they enjoy our time together as well. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I have found my new calling and it is radio.

Station Manager

Bob Smith

General Sales Manager

April Emerson

Equinox Broadcasting

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Brigitte Baldwin
Gail Smith

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President/C.E.O. - George Hawras
V.P. / Marketing Director - Barbara Hawras
Station Manager - Bob Smith
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Business Manager - Mina Smallacombe
Promotions Director - Ray Scott
Production - Dave Paltrowitz

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